aboutAnja Zeilinger

Anja Zeilinger is a freelance stencil artist hailing from southern Germany. She was born in 1991 near Munich. During the period of 2010 until 2013 she studied and completed her degree of Graphics and Communication Design at  the Academy U5 in Munich. The unmistakable style of her black and white paintings result from an inner energy and power she has stated. Anja explains that this strong energy that flows through her, emerges again  in her art. All her art is related to this profound energy. Especially the motive of the eye takes a special place in Anjas portfolio. “The Eye is the window to the soul”she remarks. Anja’s work is specialized in the stencil art movement. Her paintings consist of 4 to 8 slides, also called layers. Based on existing digital images, she transforms her paintings into expressive motifs, creating a new radiancy. Blurring the boundaries between traditional and commercial art. Anja devotes her mental and physical power to the creation of her art, any mistake made in the art process can be disastrous. Cuts can be a common sight, and long hours of crafting can become torture. To complete her art works Anja devotes herself fully to the creation, calmness and the highest amount of concentration play an important role. The last step of the process, applying and spraying requires a high degree of precision. Slowly the final shape of the picture emerges.  The young German artist has recently achieved considerable success in various exhibitions. 


The Artist currently lives and works in the greater Munich area.